Our service and Smart contract is built on Ethereum Blockchain and Amazon Web Services infraestructure

CBD Token information

Name : CBD Farm
Symbol : CBD
Type : BEP - 20
Accepted currencies : BNB, ETH, BTC, USDTD, BSC
Total Supply: 138.000.000 CBD
Binance: 1.380.000 CBD
Type of offer : Presale pool
Minimium purchance : 0.2 BNB
Hard cap: 25.000.000 USD

Tokens distribution will be done through a smart contract. You can store CBD in any wallet that complies with the BINANCE BEP-20 standard

BLOCKCANNAN we are a business group that offers a Blockchain solution for the agricultural industry and the medicinal sector. We have a certified plant extraction patent in 50 US states and a blockchain traceability system for agricultural products. Currently, we are developing a digital platform for land leasing through BEP-20 smart contracts, where farmers and allied companies can exchange goods and services safely and more economically. In addition, to receive the benefits obtained from the commercialization of the products through the platform on their cell phone.

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CBD Road Map

Stage O N E ( 100% Done! )

Mar 2018
June 2018
Sept 2018
Work team
Oct 2018
Feb 2019
May 2019
Oct 2019
into Exchange
April 2020
First Stage

Stage T W O ( 12% Done! )

Jun 2020
Jul 2020
Aug 2020
Sept 2020
Oct 2020
Nov 2020
Dec 2020
Q1 2021


Sebastian Restrepo

CEO & Co-Founder

Jorge Grisales


Andres Vallejo


Luis Vargas


Our brain


Manuel Jose Morales
Ph.D in Linguistics
Alejandro Lopez
Bioengineer and Programmer
Daniel Felipe Suarez
Forestry and Social-journalist Communictor
David Linares
Mechanical Engineer
Martín Maffei
Computer Systems Engineer
Carlos Esteban Trujillo
Business Administrator
Manuela Gomez Cuartas
Business Administration
Matias Saldarriaga
Agricultural Engineer
Johnnatan Ruiz
Maria Alejandra Zuleta
Environmental Enginer
Sebastian Velez Bustamante
Lawyer, State Contracting Specialist
Ledy Osorio Ospina
Education Specialist
Gina Paola Hoyos
Ph.D in Chemical Sciences
Juan Manuel Serna
Regional Sales Representative
Brian Stephen Ayala
Education Specialist
Nicolas Gomez Gutierrez
Agronomic Engineer
Milton Yesid Fernandez
Computer Systems Engineer
Adrián Castaño
UI/UX Engineer
Cristian Betancourt
Advertising & Graphic Design Advisor
Juan Pedro Ortiz Rojas
Ingeniero agropecuario
Ivan David Garcia Bustamante
Daniel Rubiano Restrepo
Comunicación social- Realizador audiovisual
Luciana Rendón Torres
Artista visual
Leydi Tatiana Guerra Muñoz
José Eugenio Molina Hoyos
Gestión creativa Y Marketing
Laura Villa Marín
Carlos Rojas
Ingeniero en sistemas
Julio Cesar Cano Gomez
Comunity manager

Have any questions?

What is a blockcannan "CBD" token?

CBD is a Utility Token based on Ethereum technology, it is backed by medicinal cannabis extract. The market value of cannabis extract is USD 12 per ml. Each Token will have a value of 0.60 USD, which can be used to access the different products that the Blockcannan ecosystem will offer. The Blockcannan token will be used to trade with the company’s products and thus ensure an exchange of a commodity for the CBD Token.

How can I buy the Blockcannan "CBD" Token?

You can buy CBD tokens through the IEO in LAtoken, or through our allies: McAfeeDex, BestExchange, Bamboorelay, EtherDelta, Saturn Network, Fork Delta.

When and how will I receive the purchased tokens?

After the token purchase has been made in the Exchange, the requested amount will be released and subsequently sent to the buyer’s wallet.

Can I buy Blockcannan "CBD" tokens using a credit card?

Soon you will be able to buy CBDs using your credit card through the Blockcannan wallet BeCannanPay, which is planned to be realesed late on June.

What wallet do I need to store the blockcannan "CBD" tokens?

MetaMask is an extension or plugin for web browsers that allows users to easily interact with the ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

In that sense, MetaMask was created to be a wallet for Ethereum and a tool to interact with DApps.


Are there additional bonuses for large investors?

> USD 75,000 in “CBD” Tokens will receive a 25% more gift in chips.

Latest News & Blog

Blockcannan presents its "Blockcannan CBD" token

On October 10, the area of innovation Blockcannan launched its utility token "Blockcannan CBD" in the international market based on technology Blockchain of ethereum , with which investors and customers will (once to develop the Blockcannan ecosystem ) use the different tools available through this token.

November, 8 2019

Medical cannabis-backed cryptocurrency launched!

From mid-October a new cryptocurrency backed by the medical cannabis business began operating . This is "Blockcanna CBD" , a digital currency based on Etherum's blockchain technology, which investors and clients can use to operate in the sector.

September, 19 2019

Payment gateway for the agricultural sector and the legal cannabis industry

Agriculture and technology company Blockcannan announced the launch of a new tool for small agricultural producers and other participants in the legal cannabis industry to accept and issue payments using a dapp-generated QR code from any smartphone.

May, 5 2020