General Terms and Conditions
Blockcannan S.A.S.

This document describes the General Terms and Conditions that apply to the use of the services offered by Blockcannan S.A.S. within the website, and the DApp "Becannan Pay". Any person who wishes to access and / or use the site or services of Blockcannan S.A.S. It will do so subject to the General Terms and Conditions, and to all other policies, principles and regulations that govern Blockcannan S.A.S. and that are incorporated herewith:


Our collaborators must read, understand and accept all the conditions established in the General Terms and Conditions, in the Privacy Policies, and in the other documents incorporated by reference to this document, prior to their registration with Blockcannan S.A.S.

Blockcannan S.A.S. it is not a financial institution. It is a technology provider.

The Blockcannan CBD token is not a currency, it is a medium of exchange.

Blockcannan S.A.S.Utility Token It is an access token to the company's future platform, goods and services (Network Access Token). Therefore, the payment received is an advance for the products.



Collaborator: Natural or legal person who accepts electronic exchanges through the Becannan Pay Wallet to access the goods and / or services offered by the company Blockcannan S.A.S.

Goods and / or Services or Products: Goods and / or services offered and sold by Blockcannan SAS or Associated Businesses (technological platforms) that serve as a means of exchange to access the company's technological and agricultural packages and that can be offered directly from the Becannan Pay Wallet.

Becannan Pay or DApp Wallet: Decentralized mobile or web application resulting from the set of software, hardware, networks and technology services, focused on online and real-time commerce of Goods and / or Services.

Associated Commerce: Allied legal person of a commercial nature that offers its services as an electronic means of exchange.

User Account: Information repository guarded and managed by Blockcannan SAS, in which all transactions and shipments made through the Becannan Pay Wallet are registered for the reason or on the occasion of the sale of Goods and / or Services to Users. Depending on the services that a user contracts through the Wallet, the Account may be managed and guarded by a legal entity associated with Blockcannan S.A.S. In such cases Blockcannan S.A.S. It will only act as a channel for technological services and a digital correspondent.

Online payment: All purchases made through the Becannan Pay Wallet or other electronic platforms allied to Blockcannan S.A.S using an Internet connection.

Terms and Conditions or T&C: The set of terms, conditions, obligations and guidelines that govern the use of the Becannan Pay Wallet and website by Users.

Blockcannan S.A.S.: Simplified joint stock company developer and owner of the Becannan Pay Wallet. Blockcannan S.A.S. It is not a financial entity and therefore does not collect money from its Users in accordance with current legislation.

Balance: Amount available in favor or against the accounts and / or sub-accounts of the Allies, Users, Associated Merchants and / or Blockcannan S.A.S. to carry out electronic exchanges.

User: Subscriber to the Becannan Pay Wallet and who can purchase, send and subscribe to Goods and / or Services offered and sold by Blockcannan S.A.S and Allies on the occasion of it.

Exchange medium: It is a good or instrument that can be used to acquire goods, services and / or cancel all kinds of obligations.

Electronic data exchange: It is the structured transmission of data between organizations by electronic means. It is used to transfer documents, information or business data from a source computer system or a computer system that makes the destination parts.


1. Reach

The services will only be available to those natural persons, who have the legal capacity to contract. People who do not have this capacity, such as: minors and users who have previously been suspended, blocked or permanently disabled by Blockcannan S.A.S., may not use our services. If the registration is as a Company (Legal Person), you must have the capacity to contract on behalf of said company and to compel it to abide by these General Terms and Conditions of Blockcannan S.A.S. that are described in this document.

Description of the Becannan Pay Wallet service:

The Becannan Pay Wallet is a mobile application based on Ethereum blockchain technology that provides Merchants and individuals alike with the possibility of accessing Goods and / or Services offered through the Blockcannan S.A.S token and services of our Allies.

To Users, the Wallet allows them to associate their own financial products, such as credit and debit cards, and / or to purchase products supplied and managed by Blockcannan S.A.S and allies. Likewise, Users can obtain a medium of exchange (Token CBD) to use in stores Allied to Blockcannan S.A.S. by businesses with which they have a professional relationship. For Merchants, on the other hand, the Wallet allows them to send and receive the CBD Token in an agile, reliable and secure way through an electronic platform under the Ethereum blockchain technology, subsequently receiving a good or service.

In order to use the Becannan Pay Wallet, Users must:

Have a mobile device compatible with the minimum technical characteristics required by the DApp and which can be modified at any time by Blockcannan S.A.S.

Access the store of the operating system of your mobile device (Android) and download the Becannan Pay Wallet.

When the User enters the DApp, they must enter their email or mobile number if they are a User not affiliated with any Ally.

The custody and reservation of the access password created by the User for the use of the Becannan Pay Wallet will be his sole responsibility. Therefore, the use of the Becannan Pay Wallet will be personal and non-transferable.

In case of theft or loss of the mobile device that has access to the Becannan Pay Wallet, the User must immediately notify Blockcannan S.A.S. for the purposes of proceeding with the blocking of the DApp in the device that has downloaded it. In the event that the User does not give timely notice to Blockcannan S.A.S., the operations carried out by third parties with access to their information and to their device, will be considered valid and successful and can only be objected to for failures attributable to the Becannan Pay Wallet.

Blockcannan S.A.S will not be responsible for the omission or delay that the User incurs to request the blocking of the DApp.

During the registration process, the User must create and register in the DApp a personal and non-transferable password that will allow him to activate and reactivate the wallet at any time from any mobile device compatible with the DApp, taking into account that Becannan Pay will only allow its use on the last activated mobile device.

Users through the use of the Becannan Pay Wallet may:

• Acquire and pay electronically Goods and / or Services of Blockcannan S.A.S. Allies and / or Associated Businesses through the use of their balances and / or the means of payment that they authorize and register in the DApp (credit and / or debit cards, savings accounts, cash, Token, etc.). Transfer and receive balances to and from other users of the Wallet.

• Access technology packages and agricultural products from Blockcannan and its allies.

• Consult offers, promotions and benefits offered by Allies and / or Associated Businesses.

• Consult history of your transactions.

• Consult Allies and Associated Businesses.

• Make face-to-face purchases through the generation of QR codes with Allies and / or Associated Businesses that have the electronic devices and platforms that will be compatible with the DApp and other electronic platforms provided by Blockcannan S.A.S.

• Redeem points in loyalty programs of Blockcannan, Allies or Associated Businesses.

• Edit User profile.


2. Opening and managing the user account at Blockcannan S.A.S.

2.1. It is mandatory to complete the registration form in all the fields that require mandatory with valid data so that you can access the services of Blockcannan S.A.S. In addition, personal information must be accurate, precise and true, and you undertake to update Personal Data if necessary. As a user you must guarantee and respond, in any case, for the veracity, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the Personal Data provided.

2.2. Blockcannan S.A.S. reserves the right to request any proof or additional document to confront the data provided by our collaborators, as well as to temporarily or permanently suspend the records that the data do not coincide or cannot be verified. In the event of suspension, disabling or blocking of the account, you will not be able to access our company's services.

2.3. When you open your account at Blockcannan S.A.S. Through our website or through our DApp Becannan Pay, you will have a user account that will be available for the use of our services and under our user manuals and General Terms and Conditions. The account can be viewed in your user panel both on the web and in the decentralized mobile application.

2.4. As the owner of a user account with Blockcannan S.A.S. you will not be able to have another user account with us. Since the registration is personal and unrepeatable. You will not be able to have other authorized people for its handling and / or administration of your account.

2.5. For accounts with a Company profile, the company identification number will be requested, which will be subject to verification for its authenticity. In addition, we may request documents that prove your link as its representative.

2.6. Each user account is unique and non-transferable (it cannot be assigned, sold or transferred) by the owner or by anyone, the owner is the one who made the registration, either through the website or through our DApp . In case of finding accounts that have matching or related data, Blockcannan S.A.S. You can cancel, suspend or disable the account temporarily or permanently.

2.7. There is no initial deposit and no minimum balance for the user account to remain active.

2.8. Blockcannan S.A.S. is not responsible for the movements made in your account, so each user is responsible for the operations carried out in your User Account. Because access to the "User Panel" is restricted to your private key and double verification by digital signature, facial recognition or fingerprint, which is for the exclusive use of the user.

2.9. All movements made from your User Account will be available through the user panel of our website and from the DApp Becannan Pay.

2.10. Our collaborators undertake to notify Blockcannan S.A.S. through, any unauthorized use of your User Account, as well as the entry by unauthorized third parties to it.

2.11. When Blockcannan S.A.S. modify the conditions of this contract, we will be reporting on them at, by our DApp Becannan Pay and through our official media on social networks. If you do not agree with them, you can inform us at any time of your desire not to continue with the user account.


Obligations of the User:

• Make personal use of the DApp and refrain from reselling and obtaining income on the occasion of the resale and / or commercialization of the Goods and / or Services of the Allies and / or Associated Businesses that have been acquired in a personal capacity.

• Permanently download DApp updates.

• Follow recommendations of Blockcannan S.A.S. regarding the proper practices in the use of the DApp.

• Periodically change the security password for access and use of the DApp.

• Immediately report to Blockcannan S.A.S. the loss and / or theft of the phone and / or mobile device from which the DApp is used.

• Immediately report to Blockcannan S.A.S. any unauthorized and / or fraudulent transaction through the DApp that you are aware of or should have known about.

• Periodically consult the Terms and Conditions of the Becannan Pay Wallet since the User can only use the DApp as long as they accept its Terms and Conditions. In case of disagreement with the Terms and Conditions of the DApp, the User must inform them of their intention not to continue using the DApp and / or proceed with its elimination and use on their mobile device.

• Guarantee and authorize that your personal data can remain in the databases of Blockcannan S.A.S. for the period of time in which claims, requests for information, reversals and / or cancellations of the shipping operations carried out through the DApp can be submitted.


Obligations of Blockcannan S.A.S.:

• Ensure compliance with security standards regarding the information of Users and their transactions.

• Make the DApp available to the User for the timely use of electronic exchanges based on blockchain technology that allow the purchase of Goods and / or Services from Allies and Associated Businesses.

• Inform the User of changes and / or modifications of the Terms and Conditions through the DApp and / or through, which may be modified at any time by Blockcannan S.A.S.

• Verify that the exchange transactions made through the DApp are made through the mobile device on which the DApp has been activated.

• Verify the availability of Balances in the accounts that the User has with Allies and / or Associated Businesses.

• Perform constant maintenance on the software and hardware that supports the DApp.

• Since Becannan Pay is not intended to capture resources from the public in a massive and habitual way, Blockcannan S.A.S will not use, dispose or manipulate in any way, the balances of users, without the express order of the user.

• The User will not receive interest for the balances available in the Wallet either.

The obligations of Blockcannan S.A.S. They constitute obligations of means and not of result, for which reason their responsibility is limited solely and exclusively to ensure to the extent of their possibilities that the transactions of exchange of Goods and / or Services offered by Blockcannan S.A.S. and Allies (associated businesses) are processed in a timely manner.

Consequently, it is not responsible for any damage, claim or loss that arises or that the User may suffer as a result of any delay in the transactions authorized by the User.


3. Disabling, suspension or blocking of the User Account at Blockcannan S.A.S.

The disabling, suspension or blocking of user accounts of our collaborators by Blockcannan SAS, will be done respecting the due process of verification and appeal by our collaborators and us as a company to confirm the use of the account, corroboration of the data provided in the registration and / or other information that is required before permanently disabling, suspending or blocking the account. Below, we list the reasons or reasons why we proceed to disable, suspend or block User Accounts of our collaborators:

3.1. Duplicate Accounts: The collaborators of Blockcannan S.A.S. They may have a single user account in our database, so trying to register with duplicate or repeated user data with any that is already in our database, may be disabled, suspended or blocked from our services.

3.2. Breach of the General Terms and Conditions: When registering with a user account, all the collaborators of Blockcannan S.A.S. They acquire user rights and duties which are stipulated within this document, and must be respected by all members of the Blockcannan S.A.S. community. In such a way that breaching our business policies will open an investigation process by which any user account can be suspended, disabled or blocked.

3.3. Minor: Blockcannan S.A.S. It is governed under the regulations of the Colombian State, so that in Colombia minors (under 18 years of age in Colombia) are not authorized to respond to commercial transactions, and, therefore, it is not possible to register with us.

3.4. Irregular Operations: Blockcannan S.A.S. has a policy of Risk Management System for Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing SARLAFT. Therefore, according to our SARLAFT policies, we will proceed to verify and consult the information of our collaborators at the time of registering with us.

If a user is suspected of violating our SARLAFT policies or harming other members of our community with irregular operations, Blockcannan S.A.S. It is your right to suspend, disable or block any user.

In addition to the above, Blockcannan S.A.S. will deliver the information of the users with these behaviors to the competent authorities.

3.5. Repeated use of prohibited techniques: Blockcannan S.A.S. It has its clear General Terms and Conditions, therefore, if any of our collaborators repeatedly uses techniques that are outside our policies as a company, Blockcannan S.A.S. You can permanently suspend, disable or block it.

3.6. Error in the verification of email, mobile phone or other means of verification: In Blockcannan S.A.S. We seek to maintain a safe and reliable community, therefore, if by sending any verification that is necessary to our collaborators by email, mobile or other means, and this is not answered, Blockcannan S.A.S. You can temporarily suspend the user account until the data or information is updated.

3.7. Limitations for suspended accounts: User Account services are stopped, you will not be able to access the user panel until the account suspension is lifted.

3.8. Limitations for disabled accounts: You can access the user panel, however, it may have actions that you cannot take until the moment it is enabled again.

3.9. Limitation for locked accounts: The user account cannot be used until it is unlocked again.

3.10. Account reactivation: User accounts will be reactivated when the respective verifications are made for which they were suspended, disabled or blocked by Blockcannan S.A.S. or from the competent authorities.


4. Rates of Blockcannan S.A.S.

The rates that Blockcannan S.A.S. You can charge for the management of the User Account and for its services, you can consult them on the website: and also by our DApp Becannan Pay.

The transaction cost in our exchange gateway and in the DApp Becannan Pay is calculated based on the total value of each transaction.

The cost of each transaction is reported by Blockcannan S.A.S. to each of the users before being confirmed, since it may vary due to the operating costs that we have with our allies in our exchange gateway Becannan Pay.

Promotional Balances:

• Blockcannan S.A.S. may offer promotions in which, by performing certain actions, Users may access promotional Balances (points) to spend on products and / or businesses of the company and Allies from Becannan Pay and / or discounts of different kinds.

• Blockcannan S.A.S. You can select which Users will enable the different promotions. Said selection may also be random.

• To redeem promotions, Users must carry out the actions specified by Blockcannan S.A.S., such as carrying out marketing tasks, purchases, referring businesses or Users, or entering codes available in advertising or communications.

• Blockcannan S.A.S may limit the amount of promotional Balance that a User can acquire in each promotion.

• Blockcannan S.A.S. You can limit the validity to redeem the promotional balance.

• Promotional balances will be visible to the User in the means of exchange section as an independent means of delivery.

• Promotional Balances will not be available to make cash withdrawals, transfers to other Users or recharges of products managed from the Becannan Pay application until Blockcannan S.A.S has it.

• Promotions will apply for users and / or businesses that register in the Becannan Pay application. Blockcannan S.A.S. may require that the beneficiary Users be holders of the promotional balance associated with the Wallet.


New users who activate a referral code may receive redeemable promotional Balance only in the products and / or shops of Blockcannan S.A.S and Allies, in the time and in the way that Blockcannan S.A.S. designate in communication the referred ally.

The referring user may obtain and receive Blockcannan S.A.S. when a user referred by him activates the referral code. Said balance may be redeemable only in the products and / or shops Allied to the DApp, in the time and in the way that Blockcannan S.A.S. designate and communicate the referred ally.


In the cases in which a request for the return of a product or service purchased through the CBD Token is accepted, the User or Buyer may receive their cash refund directly to their bank account, or through a reverse operation for purchases made with cards. In the two cases indicated above, the User or the Buyer may request, as an alternative, the payment of the amount paid as a virtual balance to their account associated with Blockcannan S.A.S, a balance that can be used later to make a new future purchase.


5. Unsubscribe from the services of Blockcannan S.A.S. and the User Account

When you decide to unsubscribe from the services of Blockcannan S.A.S. and the user account with us. You can do it sending an email to:, with the word "un-suscribe" in the subject.


6. Contact with Blockcannan S.A.S.

For any questions and/or further information about our services or your user account, you can conctact us through the channels that we have enabled; our website and by email


7. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

This agreement is governed by the laws in force in the Republic of Colombia. Any controversial case arising from this agreement, existence, validity, interpretation, scope and / or compliance, will be submitted by the laws and regulations applicable in the Colombian State, in the competent courts and the procedures will be carried out in the Spanish language.


8. Authorization to manage your information

By registering with the services of Blockcannan S.A.S. Through our website or through our DApp Becannan Pay, I authorize Blockcannan S.A.S. so that my data is processed for the purposes reported to me below:

• Send me messages within Becannan Pay, and / or in my inbox of my user account within Blockcannan S.A.S. To contact me, give me commercial, legal, services, news, news, security, or aspects related to the company whose content it considers necessary and / or appropriate for the correct provision of the services acquired with Blockcannan S.A.S.

• Share information with some collaborators of Blockcannan S.A.S. that they are legally competent to possess this information and that they need to know it for the maintenance and / or operation of the account.

• I am consulted, compared, verified, shared and updated the data before the entities of database queries, binding lists, or any entity that manages and administers databases for legally defined purposes for this type of entities.

• Authorizes Blockcannan S.A.S. and allies to confront and verify the veracity of their personal data and those derived from their credit and / or debit cards may be confronted, verified and report the same two to the Allies, and Associated Businesses as appropriate to be able to perfect the exchange operations and confirm the existence of such means.

• The nature and quality of the Electronic Exchange Services (non-Blockcannan SAS payment gateway) used through Becannan Pay and in which the user's personal information is requested, are the sole responsibility of the Allies, and Associated Merchants, at all times that the DApp only has the function of making available to the Users alternatives of electronic means of exchange to acquire the products of Blockcannan S.A.S.

I understand that by registering with the services of Blockcannan S.A.S. It is necessary to process my cell number, email, identification number or passport, and other data provided for this purpose. Therefore, at the time you report to Blockcannan S.A.S. that I want to unsubscribe with their services and that I do not want that data to be processed, Blockcannan S.A.S. will proceed to comply with the revocation order, the contract will end and the data will remain in a blockchain repository with a smart contract under Ethereum technology that will only be available if the competent authorities require it or for internal and external audit processes of the handling of data and information.


9. Confidentiality of information

Once a user is registered with Blockcannan S.A.S., the company will not sell, rent, transfer or share personal information except in the ways established in this document and in the company's business policies. Blockcannan S.A.S. is responsible for data processing.

User Declarations:

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User declares and accepts expressly and irrevocably the following:

• Use the Becannan Pay Wallet at your exclusive account and risk.

• Due to the nature of the DApp, it may experience interruptions or suspensions due to different factors, such as server maintenance, suspension or shutdown of your mobile data, power outages, system failures, or other interruptions that may affect the processing and improvement of exchange operations.

• Blockcannan S.A.S. does not ensure that the Becannan Pay Wallet will operate uninterrupted.

• Similarly, Blockcannan S.A.S. does not guarantee continuous and uninterrupted access to the DApp since its operation may be affected by different factors and circumstances that are beyond the company's control.

• The use of the Becannan Pay Wallet by the Users under no understanding, event or circumstance transfers the domain or license of the use by the Users of trademarks, distinctive signs, works and in general all material subject to the protection of the regime Law of Intellectual Protection that is owned by Blockcannan SAS, and / or the Allies, and / or Associated Businesses.

• Payments made by Users who have a financial product (debit card, credit, cash) associated with the Wallet and which are made through the DApp, are made between the User and the Associated Commerce through the Associated Financial Entity. Therefore, Blockcannan S.A.S. is not a party to or intervenes on its own behalf in any capacity in such transactions. Blockcannan S.A.S. acts in such events as a channel of technological services and / or digital correspondent of the Associated Businesses.


10. Home

Blockcannan S.A.S. with NIT 901346913-3, address: cra 42 #56 south-36, Sabaneta, Colombia,


If you have any questions about the General Terms and Conditions or other business policies of Blockcannan S.A.S. you can communicate with us, through the means we have provided in this document.